Thursday, 12 February 2015


It was a lovely day and there he was on his balcony, before him he could see the most beautiful woman ever; She was having a bath. Instead of turning away, he continued to feast his eyes on her beauty. Before long he became smitten by her, and summoned her to his palace.

One thing led to another and now she is pregnant and he doesn’t know what to do. You see she was the wife of his friend, the captain of his army. When he had summoned her he slept with her knowing she was married and her husband was on the battlefield. He was a king, the King of Israel, a very influential man. He had sent his army out to fight for his people and his most trusted friend was the captain of his army.

The king concocted a plan which he thought was ingenious. The husband was asked to return from war, so he could have him sleep with his wife. Then he would never know she had been unfaithful to him because he would assume the child was his. The king thought he would get away from his obligation of coming clean to her husband Uriah.
The day came and Uriah came home and David waited with bated breath as Uriah greeted him and informed him of the situation on the battle field. Hours passed but Uriah would not go home. When David inquired of him why didn’t he go home to his wife he said he could not do so while the men in his army are dying on the battlefield.

Uriah was faithful to his master David, he was also loyal to his army, and would not enjoy the pleasure of his wife while his men were dying on the battlefield. On his refusal to sleep with his wife, the King had him killed.
The Way Back to God
The fifty-first psalm, loaded with precious lessons of David’s attitude toward his action. There we can learn what course to follow if we have departed from the Lord. David, the king of Israel, exalted and honoured, now a broken man when he realized that nothing is hidden from God. The Lord sent a message of reproof by His prophet. David confessed his sin and humbled his heart, declaring God to be just in all His dealings (Psalm 51:1-17).
God hates sin, whether committed by one sitting on a throne, or by one in the humbler walks of life. We should not flatter our self that sin is a matter which we have nothing to do. Instead, we should concern our self on how we can ask God to forgive us and hasten to walk with God.  Let us not close our eyes and harden our consciences, to our sins; but let us cherish the instruction we have in the word of God concerning how we can overcome our weakness and grow in grace.  May we see the hateful character of sin and repent from it.

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